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With over 50 years of experience making shoes and boots we are proud to partner with Rancourt & Co. to make our idea of the perfect sneaker. These are made with a heavyweight duck canvas outer and are fully lined with a lighter weight canvas. The toe cap and binding are made with Horween leather. The soles are made in Italy by Vibram giving you comfort and durability from the moment you put them on your feet. Handcrafted in Maine by Rancourt & Co.

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  • — 20oz USA 100% Cotton Canvas
  • — Horween Chromexcel Leather
  • — Vibram Strighton Outsole
  • — Waxed Cotton Laces
  • — 10oz USA 100% Cotton Canvas
  • — Solid Brass Eyelets
  • — Molded Latex Rubber Foodbed


Leather does not need a lot of care. But just like your own skin, leather needs to be moisturized from time to time. Depending on what elements your leather has been exposed to will depend on how often it will need conditioning. An occasional cleaning may be necessary as well.

Shoe Front
Shoe Back
Shoe Side
Shoe Made In Maine Detail
Shoes On Model
Classic Mid Sneaker Walking
Classic Mid Sneaker Relaxing
Classic Mid Sneaker Bottom View