This is a collaboration we did with our good friend Pete over at Phyre Forge. This collapsible cooking tripod has been personally tested by us, and many others for years. It has proven to be a very practical item while cooking. Instead of cooking over the blazing fire, pull the coals from the existing one and place them under the tripod away from the hot heat. Easily control the burn by feeding the fire small branches and kindling. With the tripod in the canvas pouch there's enough room for a lighter, matches, etc. Light enough to carry, strong enough to last. Made in USA.



  • — 20oz USA 100% Cotton Waxed Canvas
  • — Leather Trim
  • — Hand Forged Mild Steel
Camp Tripod Closed
Camp Tripod Open
Camp Tripod Sheath 2
Camp Tripod Sheath
Cutting Board Breakfast